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Places to See :
Digha Science Centre: A science and technology park at New Digha. At evening the 'Jurassic Park Show' is main attraction there.
Amrabati Park: A well decorated park, with several species of plants and trees, at New Digha. Boating at the lake adds more spice there.
Digha Marine Aquarium and Research Centre: Several species of sea-fish, sea-animals and sea-plants could be found there.
Digha Mohona: The place where River Hoogly meets the Bay of Bengal, nearer to Old Digha. A fishing harbour but now facing the problem of sea erosion.
Udaypur (app. 4 km from Digha): An exotic beach is waiting there for travelers, nearer to the border of West Bengal and Orissa. The very calm golden beach turns into red at evening for the red sea crabs.
Taalsari (app. 12 km from Digha) & Chandaneswar: An awesome beach where Subarnorekha meets the Bay of Bengal at Orissa. A small island is also there. Taalsari is a fishing harbour. On the way an very old Shiva Temple at Chandaneswar (app. 8 km from Digha) is also notable.
Bhusaneswar (app. 28 km from Digha): A new attraction for the travelers near to Chandaneswar at Orissa. An old peaceful Shiva Temple is there. Subarnorekha river found with its best scenic beauty there.
Shankarpur (app. 14 km from Digha): A wide and unspoiled beach, caesarian groves by the side of a gentle sea and a good climate round the year. It is also a regular fishing harbour.
Mandarmani (app. 33 km from Digha): A small but fast developing seaside resort village; growing its popularity for the virgin, flat and hard wide beach. It is argued to be the longest driveable beach in India. This area has relatively low waves than the beach of Digha.
What to Buy: Curios made of sea-shell, the reputed 'Madur' of Midnapore in colourful designs, and cashewnuts may be purchased at Digha.
Junput, Tajpur, Lankeswari and Kapal Kundala Temple is also accessible from Digha.
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